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"We build apps that fill gaps"


The Damage Tracker is a part of our integrated and comprehensive THE BEST CAR RENTAL APP. We can further customize the basic modules according to your particular business need!

What we offer your business...

  • Niche & gap solutions

  • Data analysis & mining

  • Online deployment of software application

  • Minimal system downtime

  • Custom solutions your existing system doesn't provide

... all this scales up to a fully integrated and cost-effective business solution!

Google Sheets

Where we were... years of professional experience!

Way back in the mid 80's, armed with a Bondwell portable (looked and weighed more like a portable sewing machine!), running on CP/M, we embarked on a long and winding software programming journey.

But soon after, Bill Gate's MS/DOS together with IBM stormed into the scene, and CP/M was rudely shoved into irrelevance.

Still, we moved forward, developing larger business applications with dBase, FoxBase, and eventually under Microsoft Windows we stayed quite a while with Microsoft Access.

Those were the good old days, indeed! and we continued to race forward in a fast changing world of software! Now, we have made the next big step-- into the exciting world of Google Cloud!

Where we are now... cutting-edge business solutions

What is Google's ecosystem and infrastructure?

It is real-time collaboration between multi-usersIt is online and live, "In the Cloud"It is cost effective, and serverlessIt scales to business growth, "pay-as-you-go"It is secure and compliant
... and mostly accessible to all devices whether mobile phones, tablets, and desktops!

Some of Google Cloud components are:

Google G Suite

Google's GSuite is a powerful Online Office Tools

Google Appsheet

Google's Appsheet is a Low-Code Programming Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Google's Cloud Platform of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user

Google Data Studio

Google's Data Studio turns your data into informative reports and dashboards that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully custom.

Some of custom systems we have developed for clients...

  • Integrated School Information Systems

RegistrationCashing and AccountingClass schedulingLibrary
  • Integrated Hotel & Restaurant Information System

FrontdeskAccountingRestaurant Point-of-SaleProvisioningPayroll
  • Integrated Non-life Insurance System

  • Integrated Car Rental App

ReservationDamagesInvoicingRepairs & Maintenance
  • And others...!

We used Microsoft Access extensively in the 90's... Today, we're ready for the 21st century!


Our Experience

After more than 20 years in the IT industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share use our experience to help others. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your technical team and outfit with the tools they need to succeed.
Ask us about:Cloud-based developmentEnd-to-end integrationNetworks and systems securityDatabase and warehouse technology


Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule.
We also offer a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly.


Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance they deserve.
We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you.

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